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Casinos Bonuses Details

Casino bonuses are offered by every single online casino out there – this is no different for the casinos represented on This article looks at the finer details of a casino bonus including wagering requirements, game restrictions/eligibility and what category of a bonus they are.

Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements (or play through requirements) are used to protect an online casino from players abusing their casino bonuses. It basically means the number of times you need to wager your deposit or bonus (or deposit plus bonus) so that you can withdraw the bonus amount.

For example, 32Red Casino offers a 320% welcome bonus up to $160. So if you deposit $50, you would get $160 free. Now, the welcome bonus comes with 30 times bonus play through requirements. If you were to get the maximum $160 bonus, you would need to wager the $160 30 times – that’s $4,800 in wagering. Once you have done this, you can withdraw the bonus amount.

As mentioned above, online casinos impose wagering requirements so their bonuses are not abused. If you take the 32Red example above, the wagering for the full $160 bonus is $4,800 (30 x $160 = $4,800). If you work out the average house edge that 32Red Casino has, it’s around 4%. If you multiply 4% times $4,800 that would give you $192. $192 is $32 higher than the $160 maximum bonus being offered. On average, 32Red Casino will not lose on every welcome bonus being offered – if they did, they would be out of business.

Game Restrictions/Eligible Casino Games

When it comes to 32Red Casino’s welcome bonus, slots contribute 100% to the wagering so can you play your heart out on slots! If you take Jackpot City Casino for example, only slots are allowed to be played for the welcome bonus. This means that wagering on blackjack and roulette won’t count to the wagering requirements.

Every single bonus represented on will have the wagering requirements and the eligible casino games you can play. Our focus is slot games so will mention the recommended slots that can be played for a particular bonus. The hard work has been done on our part so you don’t have to read the terms and conditions basically – that’s if you trust us!

Bonus Codes

Some online casinos require players to input a bonus code to claim a bonus of some kind. If you take bet365 Casino for example, you need to use the promo code BONUS100 when depositing in order to get the 150% welcome bonus up to $150. There is no particular reason why any online casino chooses to do this or not but it’s down to how their bonus system works.

Players are sometimes offered custom bonuses that are valid for a specific period of time so use bonus codes – this way, players will enter the relevant bonus code to claim the relevant offer. Virgin Casino uses bonus code RELOAD for their monthly 100% bonus up to $200. Paddy Power Games is another that offers bonus codes for their various promotions.

Bonus Categories

Bonuses come under different categories – for example, some are cashable, some are sticky type I and some are sticky type II. The differences between them are quite apparent and will affect what you can do with the particular bonus.

Here’s a definition of these bonus categories:

Cashable Bonuses

The meaning of cashable bonuses is easy to guess – you can cash the bonus out if you complete the wagering requirements (and play the eligible casino games). You need to consider that bonuses do have timeframes – some are only valid for 48 hours or a week – read the terms and conditions before you claim a bonus.

One condition that most online casinos have is that your bonus will be withdrawn if you request a cashout. If you want to make a withdrawal, check with the customer support team that have completed the wagering requirements. If you are happy to lose the bonus amount, then go ahead with your cashout request. Make sure winnings are not deducted too – I recommend strongly that you contact the casino’s support team just in case.

Sticky Type I Bonuses

Sticky type I bonuses are defined as bonuses that you can use to wager with but cannot be withdrawn – so if you deposit $100 and get a 100% bonus, you will receive $100 free. You would have $200 to play technically. Once you request a cashout, the $100 bonus will be removed. No online casinos on offer sticky type 1 bonuses – I highly recommend that if a bonus is sticky type I, you don’t claim or take up the bonus offer. There is no point as you can’t withdraw the bonus amount.

Sticky Type II Bonuses

Sticky II type bonuses are defined as bonuses that you can use to wager but won’t be removed once you withdraw. You can use the bonus to wager and generate more winnings but you can’t ever withdraw the bonus amount. Sticky type II bonuses are better than sticky type I bonuses but in general, stick to cashable bonuses. Saying that, none of the bonuses promoted on are either sticky type I or sticky type II bonuses.


You need to be aware of the wagering requirements and game restrictions a bonus imposes. 30 times deposit is very good in my opinion when it comes to slot bonuses – the bonuses/promotions advertised on will show you exactly what is required of you in order to cash out the bonus amounts.

Cashable bonuses are the only bonuses that are available on this website. If you come across a bonus that is not cashable, I recommend you shouldn’t play the bonus. If you want to still play, contact the customer support teams who will remove the bonus from your account if you ask.

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Online Gambling - Alternative Pay Methods

Casinos are finding many new ways to allow players to make deposits and fund their gaming accounts.The problem is that many governments in many countries are now restricting the use of their own citizen’s credit cards for gaming purposes. The US is at the forefront of this effort to impinge upon your right to gamble. A recent bill in the Senate restricts all credit card, checking and wire transfers into any overseas Casino or Sportsbook accounts. Luckily, this bill will probably not be passed for at least another year.


Most people have used credit cards in the past to deposit money into online casino accounts, but there are many more methods below if your credit card will not work. Below is a list of some of the most popular methods.

Web-based accounts


Western Union

We will be keeping a watchful eye on this list and making any additional payment methods known to you as soon as they become available.

Bankers Draft

Betting at an online casino is easy. What often puts players on edge is the most important part - getting paid. There are a variety of ways a player can purchase credits, and there are an equal amount of ways you can get paid. This guide has been put together to help you understand what the varied payment methods are and how to use them.

In the beginning, your only options were checks and money transfers. Quickly though, online casinos started offering credit card transactions, and more recently PayPal and FirePay. Of course they are still more than willing to take your money in any form. Credit card transactions are a lot safer than most people think. Most online credit card processors use encryption technology, which means that the credit card information comes out scrambled to hackers. It’s doubtful that you will find any online casinos that offer credit card transactions that are not encrypted, but if you do find one that doesn’t offer encryption, avoid it.

Credit Card

The most common way used by casinos and sportsbooks is to deposit a refund back to your credit card. Usually this is fee-free. Caution: Casinos and Sportsbooks may only refund the amount you originally deposited to your credit card. The reason is because credit card policies do not allow higher refunds. This means if you buy casino chips for $100 using your visa card and you leave the casino with $200 most likely the casino will refund $100 to your card and send you the additional $100 using another method. MasterCard International released new rules for credit card refunds by online casinos and sportsbooks recently, which could prohibit any refund back to your card. The bank which holds your MasterCard account will determine if you are allowed to receive a refund from internet casinos. Refunds to visa cards are still possible without problems.

Many online casino operators have noted that a very small percentage of their customers can be impatient while an even smaller percentage can be untruthful, or outright fraudulent. Credit card charges and information provided by the customer must be verified, and that can take additional time.

Paypal - has been bought by Ebay, and no longer is offered as a source for funding casino accounts.

This is a personal payment account that offers you multiple funding options. Over 15 million people in 37 countries use PayPal. Money can be sent to both PayPal and non-PayPal users. Just click on the Send Money tab and enter the recipient’s email address and the payment amount. If necessary, you will have to enter a credit card in order to begin sending money instantly. Confirm the details of your payment and your recipient’s identity. Your money is sent. The recipient immediately receives an email in their inbox notifying them of your payment. The recipient signs up or logs in. (Premier and Business Accounts get a $5 bonus for referring new users). Your payment appears in the recipient’s account balance. Your recipient can transfer the funds to a checking account, request a check, or send the funds to someone else. Casino credits purchased using PayPal will be available for use at the casino immediately.

Debit Card

Debit cards are getting more popular in the United States, since they give you direct access to your checking account. They work like a Visa or MasterCard, so they can be used the same way as credit cards.


Checks are a frequently-used method of payment. They are usually used to pay winnings that can’t be refunded to your credit or debit card. Remember that most casinos are physically located on the Caribbean Islands. For this reason checks sent by regular snail mail will take a while to arrive depending on your location. Most casinos also give you the choice of using an express service like UPS or FedEx. This usually results in extra costs, which will reduce your winnings. Express services are usually subject to a $30 to $40 fee, whereas regular mail is usually free of charge. Therefore it only makes sense to use express service for higher winnings. However, you should always check with the casino. If you use this method you should have your money within 1-3 days.

Electronic Check

Electronic check processing is offered by all Cryptologic sites. This method requires a bank account in the United States. The time it states to set up this method for first time users is a little lengthy, but it has its advantages in the long run. First, you have to fax Cryptologic your checking account information, such as routing number, account number, etc. The process is explained further in the casino software. After you send in your information your account with be set up which may take a couple of days. Once your account is ready you can cash in money by electronic check, which can be used immediately. You can also use electronic check to withdraw from the casino. In this process you can cash out the total amount of your winnings. However, if you cash in by electronic check you are unable to cash out for seven days for security reasons. This process is totally automated so it is very punctual on the period of times set forth. Something you may consider is cashing in by credit card and cashing out by electronic check. This would allow you to skip the seven-day waiting period. For anyone who does not own a credit card, electronic checks is the only other way to gamble online which can be considered safe and fast. Withdrawals in Cryptologic casinos using the electronic check procedure are subject to a $1 fee per request.

Bank Wire

Bank wires are an optional way of payment used by some casinos. To use this method you will be required to provide the casino with information about your checking account such as account number, routing number etc. similar to electronic checks. After that, the casino will be capable of making direct deposits to your bank account. Bank wire usually causes additional fees to be charged by the casino and therefore is only recommended when receiving large winnings. However, even if the casino wires the money to you for free, you will still be charged by your bank (usually around $10 per transaction).


A very new system is NeTeller. This method uses an independent provider which deals in eCash. NeTeller will provide you with a free online account. After you provide them with the required information you will be given an account number and password to access your account. After you cash out from the casino, the money with go directly into your Neteller account and you can begin using it online immediately. If you decide you want the money put in your bank account you can send your money to PayPal or DirectPay (Yahoo) which will provide you with that option plus the option to use the money for online purchases. PayPal and DirectPay are online cash systems that were mainly established for the field of online auctions (for example on eBay and Yahoo Auctions) and other purposes to transfer money over the Internet. Money deposited from a NeTeller Account is available instantly. Deposits to NeTeller accounts can be made by Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discover or Pay Pal.


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